Official figures just released have revealed that Police have taken over 11,500 vehicles from uninsured drivers in the West Midlands in a single twelve month period. The huge number of vehicles were seized and impounded by police officers - and in some circumstances were even destroyed.

Statistics included in a report to the county’s Strategic Policing and Crime board highlighted how big of a problem uninsured drivers are on roads in the West Midlands and of course the rest of Britain. The information has been released ahead of a new county-wide clampdown on the plague of uninsured drivers in the area.

At one point up to 268 cars, vans and motorcycles were being impounded each week in the area because the driver either had no car insurance or was not properly covered to drive the vehicle.

Under current laws, uninsured drivers can have their vehicle instantly seized by police. In most cases the vehicle is then towed or driven by a specially trained officer to a secure compound where it is stored until the owner can collect it with valid proof that they are insured to drive.

If the owner of the seized vehicle does not already have a suitable insurance policy, they may struggle to find a provider willing to offer insurance for an impounded car. However, specialist schemes for impound insurance such as the leading one offered by Got Points have proved a lifeline for worried drivers who need to recover their car before it’s scrapped.

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