It’s all kicking off in Manachester! An uninsured Lamborghini has been seized by police after the owner used it to pick up his other car - also confiscated for not being insured.

Greater Manchester Traffic Police tweeted the £290,000 Lamborghini Aventador seized at Eccles police station was now "on its way to join his other car".

It tweeted if you turn up to reclaim your car check "that the car you turn up in is covered on your policy first".

On Sunday, police seized another "flash" Lamborghini - one of a group of cars doing laps around the city centre "revving engines".

And last week officers in Oldham also stopped a white Lamborghini with no insurance. The driver was "being erratic with his driving" taking a passenger to a prom.

Next time, the drivers would be best advised to call Got Points first and get their impound insurance sorted before visting the police pound!